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Simply The Best- Makarska Riviera Beaches

Croatia has numerous tourist destinations, which in summer months invite many domestic and foreign visitors. One of those destinations is the Makarska coastline or Makarska Riviera. This coastline is situated in the south of Dalmatia, from the town Kuzmanići in the North to the town Gradec in the South. It is about 60 km (37 miles) long and lies underneath the mountain range Biokovo.

The Makarska area is known for its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate, with many vineyards and fruit orchards. In general, is this part of the Croatian coast known for its unique harmony between nature and its inhabitants. On one side there is the nature with beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and lots of natural shade that form a unique natural phenomenon not seen anywhere near. On the other side there are the inhabitants of this area and the tourist industry that vigorously protects its environment, especially the pine forests. They use non-invasive urbanistic encroachments, and this way preserve the beauty of this Adriatic jewel for many generations to come.


One of the best assets of this area are definitely pine forests, that reach with their branches down to the sea and spoil us with the most amazing shades. Croatia is known for its beautiful beaches and all the touristic places down the coast have a beach. But I believe that the Makarska coastline, with its attractive tourist centres and unique natural harmony, especially stands out, and presents the best quality for every beach lover. This region is the synonym for the pearl of the Adriatic.

The beaches mentioned below are ‘crème de la crème’ of this region. So let’s see, where our suggestions could take you on your next vacation.

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Punta Rata Beach

This 300 metres long beauty is found in the town of Brela and has crystal clear water, nice pebbles, and a lot of natural shade. It is a real magnet for tourists and just screams for families with children. The children will be able to play and swim in the shallow waters, and the parents will be able to keep an eye on them at all times, because of the nice shades. But if you choose to sip on a cocktail, you still won’t need to worry, because there is a lifeguard present during the day. Besides swimming around, you can also spend your time on the sport courts on land. And when overheated you can cool off under the shades of the pines. You are sure to find your spot on the pebble grounds.

Nikolina Beach

Who wouldn’t love the azure waters, which open in front of us on the 1000 metres long pearl of Adriatic, the Nikolina Beach. Located in the village Baška Voda, the beach which is suitable for families is a very popular destination on Makarska Riviera. There is also a water entry suitable for disabled persons. The accommodations in this area is almost limitless. Apart from water activities, there are also various sport courts, which will help you in preventing to gain too much weight because of amazing Dalmatian cuisine. The sea in this area is totally calm, so you don’t need to worry about your children, besides there is always a lifeguard on duty. Visiting this beach will make your vacation anything but boring.

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Donja Luka Beach

Donja Luka Beach is again one of the beaches of Makarska that will touch your heart. The water is crystal clear and calm, and it just pulls you into its embrace. Maybe you will even forget, how to get out of the water. But I doubt it, because there are a lot of things you can do on land, too. There are many bars and restaurants, sport courts, slides and playgrounds for children. The pine trees have an amazingly calming scent and make sure the pebble grounds are nicely cool under their shade.

You can stay with your family or friends in the hotels, apartments or private rooms nearby. The choices are almost limitless. As it is normal for the beaches of higher rank, there is always a lifeguard on duty on this pearl of the Adriatic. If you prefer not to hurt your back on the hard grounds, you can always rent sun loungers.

Promajna Beach

When I think about this beach I don’t know, what attracts me more; the scent of the pine trees along the 750 metres long beach, or the crystal clear waters. There is definitely an abundance of both on the Promajna Beach. Besides, your children will love the location because of the playgrounds. The water is very shallow for at least the first 5 metres; it won’t go deeper as one metre. Usually the sea is very calm, with no waves, so it is perfect for playing in the water. While lying on the beach, you will feel gentle pebbles on your back, or you can rent sun loungers. The accommodation is available in the hotels, apartments and rooms nearby.

All four beaches are the pearls of the Makarska Riviera and will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tourists. These beaches will guarantee you dynamic holidays. The only bad thing is that after leaving you will have to wait for a whole year before coming back. Good luck!