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Capturing the Billy Club Revolver – Video clip

Capturing the Billy Club Revolver – Video clip

U.S.A. – -( It’s a billy club it’s a gun No, it is a “Combination Policeman’s Truncheon and Extension Pistol Barrel.” Or, at minimum that is what inventor Edward Norton Moor of California referred to as it. He utilized for the patent in December 1916 and received acceptance in Oct 1918.

I experienced a probability to tackle just one of these odd billy club extensions and even received to shoot a revolver outfitted with one at the vary. Here are a several issues I discovered: I found out that the club, at minimum the a single I applied, is essentially intended to be made use of on a Colt and not a Smith & Wesson, even though the patent documents really don’t stipulate usage on a individual make or design. Manipulation of the attachment ring was challenging and it didn’t interact absolutely with the entrance sight on an S&W Military services & Police (afterwards, the Product 10) revolver. When I switched it above to a Colt Military Distinctive, it in shape properly. The club slid on to the barrel and locked securely in area on the Colt’s entrance sight.

From there, it was time to really see how perfectly the Colt would shoot with this contraption on the barrel. The patent calls for a front sight on the club, which is comprised of a spring and a screw. Having said that, this did not make it to output as the true unit does not have a front sight, nor is there a spot for just one.

Firing the revolver was a breeze as considerably as the attachment was worried. It did not have an effect on the position of impact when I was capturing it. My pictures grouped the very same with and without the attachment.

Colt revolver with a shoot-through billy club attachment

The closing examination was to try out the club part of the style and design. With my hand wrapped around the grip and none of my fingers in the set off guard, I approached my cardboard assailant and landed 4 blows. The club stayed firmly attached the entire time and was not unfastened at the conclude of the experience. Now, obviously hitting cardboard isn’t like hitting a human becoming in a skirmish, but this proved, at least, that the club can be proficiently swung at a goal even though attached to the gun.

It’s a neat strategy, but I do not feel there is any shock as to why it did not capture on. Even however I built positive the gun was vacant and my fingers weren’t in the vicinity of the result in, I really don’t know if every officer – in the warmth of the moment – would make positive to be as safe have been they to need to have to use it, and carrying out usually could quickly bring about a negligent discharge, even with the significant cause pull of a double-motion revolver.

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